Liv Dawson – Tapestry

I’m genuinely blown away by this one… Liv Dawson is a singer from Surrey, and she has released her debut single, Tapestry. I’ve must have listened to it about 10 times in a row! She layers her voice with so much delicacy but real power. The backing beat is minimal but all encompassing, a big … More Liv Dawson – Tapestry

WIZE – Goodies

This one has just brightened up my day. North London producer WIZE has brought some fire with this one. I’ve been a fan since princess peach w/ ROM and Soundcloud smashes like grape fanta. WIZE has this dope ability to layer up sounds and create spacey, funky sonic journeys. I’m a fan of the old stuff, but … More WIZE – Goodies

Max Graef & Glenn Astro – The Yard Work Simulator

These guys must never get time to sleep. This is another piece of collaborative work from Max Graef and Glenn Astro the young kings of groovy techno. This track features a mixture of warped electric jazz piano, uptempo drum patterns, funk synth solos, disco type bass line and an almost electro-pop breakdown. I’m running out … More Max Graef & Glenn Astro – The Yard Work Simulator

Borusiade – Feelings of Entropy [Correspondant]

Berlin residing, Romanian born, Borusiade has dropped this one via Ran$om Note. This is a brooding piece of dark-side disco. The chords progressions move gently, strong grooving bass line, and chilled hi-hats are all brought together by these Film Noir-esc lyrics and vocals. It sounds like the opening titles for a an indie slasher film. … More Borusiade – Feelings of Entropy [Correspondant]