Max Graef & Glenn Astro – The Yard Work Simulator

These guys must never get time to sleep. This is another piece of collaborative work from Max Graef and Glenn Astro the young kings of groovy techno. This track features a mixture of warped electric jazz piano, uptempo drum patterns, funk synth solos, disco type bass line and an almost electro-pop breakdown. I’m running out … More Max Graef & Glenn Astro – The Yard Work Simulator

Lawrence – Ava

This is one of the best house/tech tunes I’ve heard this year. Lawrence, is a producer from Hamburg, and recently dropped his LP, Yoyogi Park, the whole thing is a must listen, but this track in particular did it for me. Minimal synth riffs, grooving drums and little warps and bubbles that show his rhythmic ability. The … More Lawrence – Ava

Mall Grab – Can’t

This is honestly one of the nicest tunes I’ve heard this year. So chilled. Mall Grab plays in beautifully jazzy electric piano chords and riffs, underneath lies the house drum beat. Then in come the hats, and Ms Alicia Keys. Mall Grab samples Feelin’ U, Feeling Me to perfection, layering sample over sample creating dopeness. This is … More Mall Grab – Can’t

Medlar – In Dreams

As part of Moxie Presents Vol. 2, Dj and producer Medlar has brought the funk with ‘In Dreams’. Grooving hi-hats, a delicious cowbell, funky bassline and dope vocal samples. This is definitely one for the shindig playlist, expect floors to be filled. Grab it (and the whole tape) on free download HERE.