Zora Jones – First Light

This tune has been spinning around my head all day. Solid piece of experimental techno from Zora Jones here. The arpeggiator is nice and bright which matches the chirpy vocal samples. There’s also something quite filmic about it; it just keeps rising and leaves you wanting more. Released via Fractal Fantasy.

Tsar B – Escalate

This tune by Tsar B has had me gripped for the last two days. It’s as if middle eastern sounds were given a trap/hip-hop Instagram filter. The singer hailing from Belgium, takes you away with her melodies and lyrics. At times, her voice reminds me of Bjork mixed with the swag of M.I.A. Definitely big things … More Tsar B – Escalate

Testset – Whirligig

Absolutely loving this tune from Testset. A combination of dislocated funky ‘sonic patterns’. Whirling synths, grooving drum beats and enough ‘wah wahs’ to do you for the day. Heavy on rotation here. Have a listen to Testset’s full ‘Dirge EP‘ released on label PLZ Make It Ruins.