Fatima Yamaha – Imaginary Lines

Let’s talk about Fatima Yamaha… There has been a lot of hype around this man – Bas Bron – since Dekmantel re-released his certified banger ‘What’s A Girl To Do‘. Most people agree that the single is a cracking tune, however people have been divided whether or not he deserves all this hullabaloo i.e. prime press coverage, hot venue bookings and general social media grumbling.

The single from his debut album Imaginary Lines, Love Invaders (above) is a cool tune, but I was slightly disappointed after falling in love with What’s A Girl To Do. However, after streaming the album today  via FactMag, I felt pleasantly validated; it’s a good record. He emulates the same synth sounds from ‘What’s A Girl to Do’ that got us all gushing, he incorporates cool chime bells and some funky basslines. Stand out tunes for me are, ‘Borderless II’, ‘Only of The Universe’ and ‘Sazak Bay’. I’m sure there will still be haters and lovers, but with this album, I’m certain he’s quelled the middle ground.

The album drops tomorrow via Magnetron Music, and is already sold out, expected them to be re-sold on Ebay in a bundle with Yeezy’s Red October’s for just shy of 10 grand. Hype eh?!


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