ScienZe – #Georgia Tape

Whilst scouring the internet for intellect, I found this tape chilling in the intersect and it’s all hip-hop with introspect. ScienZe is a rapper from Brooklyn, NY and he has just dropped a hefty 11 track. This tape oozes soul and jazz, the beat selection is on point. I especially like those produced by King I Divine, he brings this J Dilla-esc style to his beats. Each track is filled with depth, it really reminds of an early Lupe Fiasco, he’s got those strings, those horns, those beats and flow that make you wanna lay back and just listen. On track 5, ‘College Park’ he uses a sample of a women saying, ‘Hip-hop is just not what it used to be’, and it isn’t. But this is. This sounds like a classic. Buy your copy HERE, you won’t regret it.

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