Sus Bully – Soul Of Independence

Sus Bully just brought the noise! The EP opens with the title track ‘Soul of Independence’ and it will wake you up, trust. Big beat, hard hitting lyrics, dope flow and mixed down to a tee. Then comes ‘Clap’, Sus spits that cheeky-chappy flow that only an emcee from London can do; it’s all tied together with a slick snare and a chopped guitar sample. Check out the official video HERE. ‘Get Away’ and ‘Belong’ will take you back to the hay-day of UK rap, east-coast American style beats with that reminiscent London sound that’s been away for too long. Soul Of Independence is presented like a modern classic, and it hits the spot. This will be on heavy rotation, shoutout to Sus Bully for bringing it on this. Buy the EP HERE.

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