Stump Valley – Together

You gotta love this. Straight up funk music. Stump Valley play in some groovey ass synth riffs, nice arpeggiated warps, big funky bassline and ticking hi-hats. Just wait for the electric piano solo around 4 mins; beautiful. Definitely something to vibe to. Love it. Advertisements


This is a great example of the new school of funk/R&B/soul/Hip-Hop. The bass ripples underneath funky synth wobbles and crackling drums. This glistens with smooth cool. Love it. It’s also on free download.

De La Soul Ft. Chaka Khan – All Good (LeMarquis & Marlin Remix)

All Good is one of those Hip-Hop classics, that even if you don’t ‘know’ it, you sure as hell ‘know’ it. LeMarquis is a french producer who brings funky vibes to every tune he touches. This remix with Marlin is one of the best I heard in a while! Big slapped bassline with groovy synths … More De La Soul Ft. Chaka Khan – All Good (LeMarquis & Marlin Remix)