Sunni (Colón) – Thierry Disko

If you were looking to add some tracks to your Summer playlist, Sunni (Colón) has given you seven. Sunni aka Thierry is a progressive disco, funk artist from LA and this EP is pretty special. Each track has it’s own vibe, but they all stayed connected within this realm of funk that takes you back to the 70s and sits down in 2016 at the same time. The first two tracks on the EP, Feel4U and Way You Talk About Me are absolute gems, choppy funk guitars riffs, spacey vocals and groovy strings. He ends the work, with my favourite track, Multi-Colored Love. The instrumentation, especially the electric pianos at the end, reminds me little of a funk inspired Human Nature by Michael Jackson and the guitar licks at the end kind of remind me of Simon & Garfunkel. It’s super chilled and ends the EP perfectly. All the songs are great to be honest, so I’ll leave it to you to listen and enjoy.

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