Freddie Joachim – This World

I’ve been waiting for a minute for Freddie Joachim’s next project and here it is in all it’s glory. Freddie Joachim is a producer who sticks to his guns and delivers exactly what people want to hear from him; jazz, hip-hop and soul. ‘This World’ does just that. Personal favourites on this EP are ‘Doin It (Till The End)’ – he uses a classic hip-hop beat, scratched vocal samples and beautiful horns that rise in and out to create a beat you would hear on a early Common record. Another one, is ‘Let Me Know’, there is a timeless piano riff and grooves through with a Q-Tip-like drum beat. This is pure Hip-Hop from start to finish. ‘This World’ has been released via Mellow Orange, and is available to buy HERE.

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